Welcome to the first steps of cosplay. I find this to be one of the more difficult steps myself because I tend to want to switch halfway through creating a cosplay. Some people shoot for several cosplays. I only shoot for one because of all the effort I put into my outfits, and I'm a very slow artist. Step 1: Pick Your Character(s) This is where you always want to start. It could you take a day to decide or a hot minute. It all depends on you. Choosing your character is an important step (most important in my opinion). There are a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing your character. Do you resonate with your character? Easy, right? I actually have a harder time picking a character I wanna really shoot for. I resonate with some better than others. The main character I pick ha

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About Eirian

Hello all and welcome to Cosplay for Life! This place is where you can find information about cosplay and the many ways to explore and search for all your cosplay wants. This ranges from wigs to full costumes. All the information you need to start out as a beginner cosplayer is right here, and even those with experience can find something they can enjoy around here, so go ahead and take a look. Don't be shy. I promise I don't bite. ;) So what's my story? Ever since I was a teen, cosplay was something I was fascinated with. However, I was highly attracted even more so to Vocaloids, especially Hatsune Miku. Listening to numerous songs and watching numerous people dress up in the different modules Hatsune Miku has, was and still is a very fascinating thing to me to this day. The first time I

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