Wig Care: Things You Need to Know

Today I'm going to provide you with some vital information to caring for your wigs. Ensuring that you use proper care with your wig can make it last much longer. First things first, a wig stand of sorts is a must. I've tried many ways without some sort of stand to care for my wigs. It's not impossible, but it does take a heck of a lot more time and frustration. You can make a stand out of anything really. I use a photography tripod stand and just stuck a foam mannequin head on top. It doesn't have to be fancy. Brushing Your Wig Never ever brush your wig with a regular hairbrush. Simply put, wigs don't regrow hair like we do. The constant pulling and tugging will make the wig shed more than it may naturally do. Using a normal brush will ruin the wig and shorten its lifespan. You will need a

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