Cosplay Etiquette

Rules? Why what ever do you mean? Yes, there are rules to cosplay. It’s more just basic etiquette rather than rules per se. So let’s hop right into it.

  1. Ask before you take
    • Pretty simple here. Please ask cosplayers or anyone really before you take their picture. Just because they’re dressed up, it does not give you consent. For the most part, they will allow you to take their pictures.
  2. Don’t touch someone’s props without permission
    • People spend a lot of time on their props. I watched someone take a cosplayer’s prop (Lux’s staff), and without meaning to, they destroyed it. This resulted in the cosplayer bawling their eyes out. It’s hours upon hours of work, and to have it destroyed would be devastating so please ask permission before just going up and poking or touching someone’s props.
  3. Please do not pull on a cosplayer’s wig
    • This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve actually had someone tug on my wig. Now the thing didn’t come off, but I did end up with some not-so-nice gashes on my head because I had clips holding the wig to my head. That large tug really hurt. Not to mention it ruins the wig’s style or the wig itself, so please no tugging.
  4. Do not stalk a cosplayer
    • Cosplayers are people. They, probably much like myself, aren’t too fond of stalking. Just approach the person and ask your question, and if you receive a no, then be polite and walk away. This occurs most frequently with those who are obsessive on an extreme level, and it leads into the next rule.
  5. Do not harass cosplayers or others in general
    • No simply means no. If you’re denied the request, please accept that and move on. Perhaps they would be willing to fulfill the request at a later time especially if you’ve caught them while they’re busy, but you still need to ask.
    • For those who dub themselves as elitists, don’t trash talk other cosplayers because they aren’t 100% detailed or some other nonsense. Cosplay is an art, and art is up to the person creating it. They’ve put in just as much work as you have so don’t ruin their time by harassing them.
  6. Treat the cosplayer as a human
    • Sometimes people forget that cosplayers are more than just their character portrayals. Keep this in mind as you approach them. Being a fan of a character is great, but hug tackling and snapping photos or anything of the like may not be wanted contact.
  7. Don’t interrupt a cosplayer during a photo shoot
    • Pretty self-explanatory eh? People dress up to have their photos taken. Wait until they’re finished to snap more pictures. Remember to ask them for their permission. They might be in need of a break afterwards so give them a chance to fully take in what they’ve done, and then ask.
  8. Be mindful of others in your surroundings
    • This is for anyone with weapons or big body armor cosplays. This poor kid almost got knocked out by an Alfonse cosplayer because they weren’t paying attention. Please be mindful of the pedestrians around. I know, I know. “But shouldn’t they be mindful of me?” Most certainly. However, as a fellow cosplayer, I feel that it’s more our responsibility to be aware of our environment. We are the ones particularly in the way, and it would be easier for us to be mindful since we know our costumes best.
  9. Don’t give in to the “You’re not the right size, color, height…”
    • This shouldn’t be an issue to begin with, but there’s always someone judging harshly. Cosplay is meant to be fun. You don’t need to be the replica of your character’s figure. Lord knows I’d never be able to cosplay anything but children if that was the case. Don’t let some ignorant person tell you otherwise. You do you.
  10. Be kind
    • If you don’t have anything nice to say, then please don’t say it. Ruining anyone’s experience at a con or cosplay event is just rude.
  11. Have fun
    • Enjoy the experience! Everyone is there to have a good time with each other, and if you’re not having a good time, then what’s the point in being there?

So those are my little etiquette rules. If you think of anymore, let me know in the comments. I’m always willing to learn more on what you guys think about con and cosplay etiquette.

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