Hatsune Miku Wig

Hello and welcome everyone to the start of the Hatsune Miku Vocal Module. The first thing we’re going to go over is the wig. If you already know how to style the wig, feel free to skip ahead to the next tutorial.

So if you don’t have one already, you’re going to need to purchase a wig and wig cap. I browse around until I find something I like. There are plenty of sites to look at for wigs. You can choose one with or without pigtails or even find one with just the one pigtail. Personally, I went ahead and bought one with both pigtails because Miku is the main character I cosplay.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the article I wrote on the differences between wigs. This will also definitely help you out when choosing to buy your wig.

Mesh. This is important. You can use a non-mesh wig cap, but the mesh wig cap definitely makes it easier to place the pigtails in later on. I learned this the hard way. I’m a stubborn lady, and I used a non-mesh wig cap the first few times when putting on the wig. The pigtails wouldn’t stay because they didn’t have anything but the base wig to cling to, which would ultimately just slide off my head unfortunately.

Now, the color of the wig is a preference thing. I have one wig that’s more of bright or electric blue and a second wig that’s more blue-green in appearance. They’re both the same length, probably around 120cm or 47-48in. For this outfit I used my blue wig as it vibes with the colors more.

The pigtails make this wig very heavy and prone to falling off. To prevent this, there are several methods. You can use sew in wig clips. These help hold it down. There’s also bobby pins. I use bobby pins, lots of them. My natural hair is super thick. Makes keeping the wig from sliding a hassle so bobby pins have become my friend lol. I also clip the pigtails into my hair using a mesh wig. This allows the pigtails to go through the base wig and into my scalp.

Keeping the wig even for myself was a struggle at first. To make sure the pigtails are evenly placed I use my ears as guidelines. I like them to sit just above my ears so that I know they’re in the same spot on each side. I also use the mirror to double check. Not only does this help make sure they’re in relatively similar spots on opposite sides of your head, but it also provides a way for you to recognize sooner when your wig may be sliding back. The clips pulling on the scalp is also a way to notice the wig sliding, but it’s more of a later sign.

In order to keep the wig from tangling while driving I braid the pigtails. This really helps if you frequent moving around in a vehicle as a passenger. I fiddle with everything I can when I’m a passenger in a vehicle. It’s more of a nervous excitement thing. As a driver my pigtails are usually kept in place with the seatbelt, but I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re willing to risk some tangles that may develop in the braids from rubbing.

If the convention, photoshoot or whatever it is your doing with the cosplay isn’t that day, I would personally braid the pigtails so they’re not a pain to brush out later when you’re ready to wear them. 120cm/48in of hair is not fun to untangle, and it can be a hot mess full of frustration if you lack patience.

So there you have it. If you have any questions about the wig or comments, let me know below. 

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